Assemblea internazionale della formazione

Second day

February 24, 2015


The day begins in the chapel of the former novitiate with the prayer of praise and the Eucharist, celebrated by Father Antonio Bertazzo, Franciscan Conventual, community of Via San Massimo. The liturgy is animated by the Provincial Council.

After breakfast, work began at 8:45. After a brief moment of prayer, Sister Aurora introduced the Assembly’s speaker of the day, Dr. Tiziano Vecchiato, director of the Zancan Foundation, a non-profit foundation that operates in the service to the person and has a lot of collaboration with Italian and international personalities and scholars. It is a foundation that is interested in training to change, commitment to the protection of people, integration of cultures and values, development of social guidelines, and it is attentive to the ethical solutions for emerging problems. It is its effort - emphasizes Vecchiato - to make languages that are not speaking to each other to speak: for example gospel and constitution of the country.

After the presentation of the contents to be developed in these days, the speaker addresses the topic of today: To train to the strength of capabilities and to the fraternity.

The first report aims to deepen today the meaning of to form, to educate and to accompany.

After his speech the assembly, divided into three groups, engages in a workshop about What makes the difference.

At 12.00, back in the hall, we have shared the reports from the groups, that later on will contribute to a small document that will be shared.

Lunch at 12:30 is a good time of fraternity that contributes to share experiences, desires, dreams, hard work ...

At 15.00 we started again with the fascinating topic: To take care in a generative way, led by another member of the Zancan Foundation, Dr. Daniele Salmaso, expert in professional help and planning-management of human resources; he is part of the research group on welfare.

Following an input, rather challenging on the transition from modernity to postmodernity, highlighting the positive aspects and the weaknesses of this cultural moment (where the center of gravity is on the person, against the centrality of experts and technicians) dr. Daniele pointed on the centrality of the relationship of help in order to take care of the person in a generative way.

It is followed by a second group work on the topic: Treating and taking care, What can help us to focus on a generative relationship.

The group work has been very fruitful.

At 17:45 we shared in the hall the results of the three groups. Very interesting.

The celebration of vespers is animated by the Provincial Council.

After dinner, an interesting lecture of father Alessandro Zanotelli, at the Comboni missionaries, our "neighbors" about: Money and Gospel.

See you tomorrow, dear sisters!

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